Coater Service Oy

provides maintenance, check-ups and troubleshooting for reels, coating stations, sizers and winders.


The condition of the customer’s paper machine is assessed during the testing by using a variety of force, alignment and pressure measurements as well as video and thermal camera.

Service and maintenance work

We provide maintenance, condition tests and modernisation for reels, coating stations and sizers to the customer’s specification.

Measuring Services

Our approach allows for the simultaneous use of a variety of measuring sensors, thus making it possible to comprehensively verify the status of the process even in a short time.


We offer our customers trouble-shooting-service in case of production disruption relating to any of the sizers, coating stations and reels.

Wide experience in the paper industry, servicing customers all over the world

Coater Service Oy

Coater Service Oy started its operations in early 2007. The company’s business concept is to provide specialised maintenance services for paper finishing equipment both on the Scandinavian home market as well as elsewhere in the world.

Our success is based on our robust knowledge of all makes and models of paper machines, and a strong network of experts.